About Us

Let’s Dance

The Dance House is established to promote elegant and responsible dancing that elevates the souls to a higher level that unleashes new potentials and improves life quality. Dancing brings happiness to people and is a great way to transform the society into more caring, passionate and loving. Join our community, feel the vibe, live our life style.

Creating Unforgettable Events

The Dance House organizes unforgettable events. Always new concepts that provoke the usual. We influence change and encourage cross cultural conversations. Dancing is a form of art and like all arts, it is a continuous quest to uncover new dimensions. Our unique events are set to uncover new ideas and promote positive change.

Dancing with the Cities

We always look for a tale, and each city has its own that inspires us. From historical Budapest to beautiful Prague to modern Dubai to magnificent Madrid, the dancing community, the streets buzz, and the life style all are ingredients for a perfect event.

Check Out What We Have Been Doing!

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